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Here again [
Tuesday July 24, 2007
Well Live Journal is down so here I am. So glad [info]chaotic_binky is keeping her Journal here up to date with her fic.
Makes me think I should spend more time on here. Off to load some of my new icons up.

Hi to any of you who are over here tonight as well.

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From Experience [
Wednesday June 20, 2007
Tonight is the night of the summer solstice. Many will be heading to Stonehenge to celebrate.
My advice to anyone thinking of going would be find some other beautiful hill or tor or shoreline and enjoy the shortest night and greet the dawn there. And not alone, I hastily add, take a friend - keep safe.

The 'druids' you will see on TV tomorrow parading at Stonehenge will most probably be a certain group who relish in the TV coverage and go by titles of Archdruid of Stonehenge, England, etc, and King Arthur Pendragon (of the vunerable and easily lead).

They can be entertaining and amusing, but if you are looking for a real connection to nature and reverence for the planet, keep yourself away from people who claim titles and talk about their magick qualifications. It is all self aggrandizement, by sad people.

Being out in the elements on a wonderful midsummer night can be amazing. But you and your own personal relationship with nature is all you need (and a mind for personal safety). Let no-one tell you anything else.

Brightest Solstice Blessings to you all. XXX

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Elladan and Elrohir [
Sunday June 17, 2007
I've managed to locate the last of my lost manips from the web. :-)


Full size manip )

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LOTR Meme [
Wednesday June 13, 2007
You scored as Legolas,






Arwen of Rivendell




Gandalf the Grey


Eowyn of Rohan


Frodo Baggins


Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)


Peregrin Took (Pippin)


Samwise Gamgee


Saruman the White








Which Lord of the Rings character are you most like?
created with

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Meme theory [
Wednesday June 13, 2007
[ mood | amused ]

Well well...

[harry + draco]

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Friday night. [
Friday June 8, 2007
I've sussed these overrides, but it'll take a while longer to get anything looking really greatly designed. Working on a header for elf_icons at the moment, but getting bored, and it's Friday night so off to chill out a while. Maybe a little Friday evening fanfic is what I need. Off to my friends page now...

Hope you all have a great weekend.
Elfie xx.

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Test Icon Post [
Wednesday June 6, 2007

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...Bored Now [
Wednesday June 6, 2007
Ugh! I forgot how daft trying to use overrides is. Apologies for the messy looking layout here.
I'm giving them one more shot, and if I can't get the darned layout to work, I'm going for a full HTML/CSS design on paid system 1.

I suppose they're not going to make it easy for free users, but twiddling over some ancient hard coded layout that uses TABLES!!! is so bloody clunky.

It would be so easy to put Generator into CSS and divs, and make it completely customizable, *think Zen Garden* but, as I said before, not what journal providers want to encourage their free users to do.

Hmmm *thinking* - but I'm not paying for my asylum account, so I'd better get these darn overrides going for that anyway. It would take me only a day to re-write generator using css and divs, so it was completely accessible for free users to design Zen Garden style.

The management wouldn't want it though. *sigh*


[info]elf_icons New icon asylum. Please come join and make some pretties.

I would be making 'em if I wasn't wasting my time going "table table table table table display none"

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Getting to grips with Insanity [
Tuesday June 5, 2007
Ok, now we're here lets get setting up communities asylums.

Ah - now I see my lovely [info]chaotic_binky has made just the asylum I was thinking of...


So let's all go there and join and get things moving.

I'm going to get some design going on this LJ, so it'll probably look squiffy from time to time today, as my old overrides don't seem to be working here. I'll be messing about so expect to see things keep changing (and not always for the better) as I experiment with designing a new layout.

Love and hugs to all my LJ friends who've come over to Insane Journal. I'll friend you all as soon as I find you.

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New Journal [
Sunday June 3, 2007
Here I am.

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